7 Tips for Keeping Your Home Pet-Free Home – Clean and tidy

You may use these seven techniques if the dog you love has a fragrance and you don’t like it.

Whether you like cats or dogs, you are unlikely to consider yourself an animal lover.

Living with dogs doesn’t have to mean putting up with their messes and odors. Check out our seven recommendations for maintaining the look of a simple(ish) home, even if you have furry friends.

  1. Make cleaning more convenient.
    Make it simple to mop up spills as they occur. Place food dishes on pet-friendly tablecloths and have a towel near the water bowls to wipe up spills as soon as possible.
  2. putting PETS to work
    When dogs are properly exercised, they are more relaxed, which may result in a cleaner home. They’re also less likely to rip apart the cushions on your sofa or destroy the tissue box. (They’re also less likely to be involved in a dirt accident.) Furthermore, while walking and exercising, youngsters are also receiving exercise!
  3. Ensure that you groom on a regular basis.
    Cleaning pets is a healthy job for children that also helps them with home responsibilities. Brushing frequently reduces the amount of hair deposited in the region where the fur is sprayed, allowing you to minimize where the fur is sprayed. Keep the brushes in a place where the kids may rest comfortably and utilize them on a daily basis. Keep a Swiffer Sweeper handy to catch any stray hair and prevent it from gathering.
  4. Remove any stains with a damp cloth.
    When symptoms of injury appear, quickness is the most effective weapon in the battle against staining your carpet. Use paper towels to protect the area before covering it with a thick layer of paper (if you can, put newspaper underneath the affected area as well). Leave the pile for approximately a minute before removing it and repeating the process until the area seems dry to the touch. After that, thoroughly wash the area with cold water and blot away as much water as possible using several paper towels.

Tips: Our partners at P&G often provide helpful advice for cleaning pet injuries.

  1. Make sure your pet is clean.
    When your dog is inside, give him a wash to limit the amount of dust that enters your house. Fill a plastic bowl with approximately an inch of water and throw a towel in the area so they may walk away after a brief pee wash.

The SCOOP Cat mix is number six.
Dirty muddle bins are the most typical cause for cats going where they shouldn’t. Containers must be cleaned on a regular basis and completed with new litter. It’s also feasible to add another container to make sure there’s enough room.

  1. Make it as fresh as possible.
    Every day, use Febreze’s fabric Allergen Reducer to reduce inanimate allergens such as dog dander and dust mites that are discharged from flat surfaces. Furthermore, it has a lovely, fresh aroma!

*Allergens that are not alive, such as dust mites and dog dander. Be warned that they might go airborne if they come into contact with smooth surfaces.