8 Activities to help enrich your child’s life specifically designed for Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons might grow bored with their daily routine, particularly if it becomes too boring or if they spend too much time inside their tank. I’ve spoken about a few everyday enrichment activities that will excite their thoughts and improve their lives! Try them out.

  1. Allow your bearded dragon to go outside.
    Bearded dragons like basking in the natural warmth of the sun. Much more than UVB light sources can provide, the sun provides the much-needed vitamin D that your pet’s scaly buddies demand (which remain essential). Outside, the bearded dragon enjoys watching the world go by and roaming about in grassy meadows or your garden. You may even take them with you when walking along the street. There are a few points to remember:

To utilize your pet, make sure you have a harness or leash.
Make sure the temperature outdoors is at or below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and the humidity is below 60 percent.
Keep an eye out for any other creatures, such as birds. Bears are carnivores and may get afraid if anything flies over them, so your pet may want to hide from you (including aircrafts).
Take a look at what they consume outside. Many things, including as insects, boulders, and some plant species, are toxic or potentially harmful to bearded dragons. Allowing them to consume insects found in the open should be avoided since, apart from being harmful to them, they may also transmit parasites. Clovers found in dandelions or grass are a favorite food of my dogs. Due of pesticides, I’m also concerned about the sources of their food.

  1. Rearrange the cages in which they are housed.
    It is possible that they will develop bored if they are exposed to the same thing every day. Changes in the surroundings might help kids stay interested by providing fresh things to look at. Make the backdrops vary, add additional climbing materials, or change the carpet colors, for example.
  2. Allow time for them to run about the house.
    They like curling up in their favorite location or crawling up onto the sofa. Allow them to stretch before returning to their tanks so that they can warm up and get their UVB sunshine. My dogs like sitting in front of the glass (separately, of course), especially when the temperature outside reaches above 100 degrees in the summer. (If I let them, they could sit and watch the outdoors for hours! That is something they adore.)
  3. Allow them to sleep outside of their cage if as all possible.
    This may not always be the case, but if it is, let them go about and choose where they want to rest. This will give kids the confidence to make choices for themselves rather than relying on us. The majority of the time, I take them to their preferred area and then wrap them in blankets. They have their own bedrooms, with the doors shut so they can’t see each other. There are a few of things to think about:

It is critical that the temperature inside your house or apartment be at least 70 degrees.
It’s not a good idea to let them sleep in your bed with you (to avoid them rolling).

  1. Make time for family connection.
    Bears are known to like cuddling with their humans. They’ll feel secure and at peace in your company since their body temperature keeps them comfy and warm.
  2. Change what you feed them and how you deliver it to them.
    Place hornworms on the other corner of the room and watch them scramble to grab it. (They also get some exercise!) Win-win!)
    Treat the infant to some nibbles, such as butternut squash and peas, which are two of my beardies’ favorite meals. They’ll either lick my fingers or eat a spoon for the next 20 minutes! I’d recommend just doing this once a week or every other week since too much might induce watery diarrhea!
  3. Use a laser beam to enable the animals to chase each other.
    When you set the laser pointer near your dragon’s bearded face on the ground, the dragon may attempt to pursue it or perhaps swallow it, much like a cat. This may help to stimulate the mind. Extra tip: Focus the laser on their greens, then watch them eat their greens, which they usually fight.
  4. Allow for bath time.
    I just acquired one of the vibrating water jet foot massage units. I tried it with my bears (see photo below) and they really enjoyed it. It’s a fun way to spice up your bath time and break up the monotony!

I hope you found these suggestions useful!
Tell me what you like to do with your dragons in the comments!